Do you dream of long luxurious hair? Are you finally ready to put in the effort to let your hair grow. Check out these tips for growing long, beautiful hair.

  • Use a wooden brush, European ones are best to buy online.
  • Oils: argan, coconut, jojoba, neem or avocado oils. or essential oils like rosemary. leave it overnight or spread it through your ends everyday.
  • Scalp massage with oils.
  • Use organic shampoo and conditioner, with low ingredients so without the chemicals.
  • Wash your hair every 4-6 days.
  • Leave- in hair rinses: apple cider vinegar with water, rosemary water rinse.
  • Limit your heat use.
  • Use damage-proof hairstyles overnight and through the day, like a twisted bun or sidebraid.
  • Eat healthy whole foods, natural whole foods protein and healthy fats.

Just remember FYEO Salon is here to help. If you would like our stylist to take a look at your hair, and help you find your new style for 2023 give us a call at (904) 262-4116.