DOs :
1. Clean your scalp ( shampoo, condition, sea salt scrub)
2. Let your hair dry in a t-shirt
3. Put your hair in a bun until it’s damp
4. Brush your hair only when it’s damp
5. Make sure your hair is damp but not dripping wet
6. Focus on your crown too
7. Start small with products and apply from the mid lengths down
8. Use your denman brush BEFORE mousse, pull away from scalp
9. Scrunch your mousse into your curls
10. Use your diffuser after 10 minutes from styling your hair
11. Focus on roots in circular motions
12. After your hair is dry from the diffuser, lightly shake it to separate the curls
13. Softly separate curl clumps with your fingers
14. Gently shake your hair from roots only for more volume

DON’Ts :
1. Don’t ditch your shampoo
2. Don’t let your hair dry in a cotton towel
3. Don’t style your hair on dry curls
4. Don’t brush dry curls
5. Don’t soak your curls to style them
6. Don’t apply thick products on the roots of your hair
7. Don’t over apply mousse nor pull it through your curls
8. Don’t pull the denman brush downwards
9. Don’t use your diffuser on high heat and start playing/ touching your curls while it’s still wet
10. Don’t pull your hair while diffusing it
11. Don’t shake damp hair aggressively
12. Don’t put your hair in tight buns, or brush your dry curls

Just remember FYEO Salon is here to help. If you would like our stylist to take a look at your hair, and help you style your curly hair give us a call at (904) 262-4116.