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Carlos Alvarado, owner of the For Your Eyes Only Salon in Jacksonville Florida since November 4, 1985. He placed 8th in the 28th World Hairdressing Championships Men’s hairstyling competition and retained his “top ten hairdressers in the world” status which he has held since.

How To Create The Perfect Hair-Care Routine For Men

Men worldwide all know there is a lot of power in your hair. From Samson to David Beckham this has always been the case. If you are serious about looking good then you know how important it is to keep your hair clean and full of life. So often men don't take their hair care [...]

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How To Trim Your Hair At Home

Before we show you how to trim your own hair at home we obviously should mention that we would much rather you see one of our hairstylists at FYEO Salon. That is not to suggest that you cannot do it yourself, but as trained professionals our stylists have a certain set of tools and skills [...]

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Healthy Hair Tips For Men

Having awesome hair doesn't magically happen. To achieve the best quality of hair, it is important to have a great hair care routine. This video reveals 6 of the best tips for healthy, shiny hair. If you implement them into your hair routine we think your results will speak for themselves. I share my hair [...]

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How To Pick The Perfect Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

When it comes to finding the perfect hair color there are many factors to consider. Your eye color, skin tone, hair texture, and natural hair color category play a huge role in what hair color will suit you best. If you want to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing and “natural” looking hair color then you [...]

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7 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Hair

Let's be real for a second, we've probably all treated our hair a little bad. From bleach and tones to heat styling to extensions, we're doing a number on these delicate strands. This video talks you through the 7 (but actually 8) ways to take better care of your hair, or essentially haircare 101, so [...]

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Protective Sleep Hairstyles

Protective sleep hairstyles could be what your 8 hour beauty sleep is missing. Giving hair its own bedtime routine can help give it what it may have been lacking throughout the day: moisture, blood flow, or even just a bit of TLC. Plus, it preps hair for a smoother sleep style so you can wake up with [...]

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How To Get Long Hair Naturally

Do you dream of long luxurious hair? Are you finally ready to put in the effort to let your hair grow. Check out these tips for growing long, beautiful hair. Use a wooden brush, European ones are best to buy online. Oils: argan, coconut, jojoba, neem or avocado oils. or essential oils like rosemary. leave [...]

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